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Digital Disruption from EX²

How to Change Your Digital Partner When Things Go Wrong

By Lisa Carolan

You have signed an agreement with a digital partner. You brought them on because you were hoping that they would help hasten the process of digital transformation. However, something does not feel right, and they keep missing important deadlines. After talking with some of your peers, you realized that your digital partner is not up to par. Therefore, you want to change.

Now you must confront a serious problem: how do you break free? You do not want to hurt your company by rapidly firing a team. You also do not want to have to spend months undoing what they have done. How do you get rid of a bad digital partner without disrupting your whole business?

Like most business plans, you need a strategy. It would be a bad idea to make decisions without knowing your options. You do have different alternatives when it comes to changing your digital transformation partner.

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