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3 Sitecore Tools You’re Not Using, But Should Be

By Lisa Carolan

While Sitecore is a powerful marketing platform tool, it requires some training and experience to make the most of it. That’s why training, working with an experienced partner and committing time to the exploration process are stressed. These factors were the focus of a recent CMS Wire article on Sitecore customer tips.  

The important takeaway is that many marketers are only scratching the surface of Sitecore capabilities. With the reality that some common and not so common Sitecore tools are being overlooked or underutilized, here are 3 Sitecore tools that you should be using as part of digital transformations. 

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Sitecore, Content Management Systems

What Is Right for You? CMS, ECMS or WCMS

By Lisa Carolan

The term "content management" is difficult to pin down. There are many differences between content types and management purposes, which in turn has spawned different terminologies that muddy the water for marketers in terms of which to use and how to use it.  

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Topics: CMS, Content Vs. Context, Content Management Systems

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