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What Does Content Personalization Mean for B2C Marketers?

June 19, 2015 | Posted by Adam Graham

Marketing has never been easy, but it used to be much simpler.

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5 Ways to Give Your Customers a Multichannel Experience to Remember

April 14, 2015 | Posted by Adam Graham
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5 UX Characteristics for a Great Multi-channel Customer Experience

April 7, 2015 | Posted by Adam Graham

If there is one guiding principle for businesses, it is: Give the customers what they want. (How many ice cream shops could stay in business if the only flavor offered was plain vanilla?) What customers want today is a multi-channel experience. They have grown increasingly tech-savvy and more comfortable with using everything from desktops to kiosks in order to research products they are considering, to communicate with companies, and to make purchases. Companies that give them want they want will thrive, and those that do not will falter.

Creating a great Omni-channel customer experience, however, is far more than merely enabling access through a variety of devices. It is a cohesive plan to guide each customer throughout his or her purchase journey. Although not every enterprise needs to create an identical multi-channel experience, there are certain important characteristics that all successful Omni-channel models share.

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4 Steps to Creating Data Analytics Driven Customer Experience Management Strategies

November 6, 2014 | Posted by April Rios

How much do you know about your customers? There is a good possibility that you do not know them as well as you think. Despite having collected a lot of data on past and potential customers, you might not be able use the data in any type of meaningful manner. You may know that "Jane" always buys "Brand X" cat food, that "John" is 25 years old or that "Joe" makes purchases at all hours of the day and night, but how does this information help you create a personalized experience for them? Unless you just happen to sell products for cat care, these tidbits of information are relatively useless for most businesses. In other words, collecting data is easy -- connecting it is the challenging part.

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5 Lessons to Learn from Gucci’s Immersive Retail Experience

September 17, 2014 | Posted by April Rios

The name "Gucci" has been synonymous with high quality and luxury since the 1920s, when the company began producing classically styled leather goods. By the 1950s, movie stars and other celebrities were regularly seen in Gucci fashions or sporting Gucci accessories. Gucci items quickly became status symbols. This allowed the company to charge top prices for its goods, but catering to such an exclusive clientele meant that the company had to offer outstanding customer service while remaining on the cutting edge of fashion.

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5 Things Retailers Must Do to Influence Customer's Purchasing Decisions

September 10, 2014 | Posted by Adam Graham

For more than three decades, brick-and-mortar stores have been waging a battle against online retailers. Every year, online stores gain more of the market share. In recent years, several chains that were once retail giants have been forced to declare bankruptcy, close many of their locations or sell their brand to a competitor. Although the fight has been deemed as hopeless by some, the reality is that brick-and-mortar retailers do not need to abandon ship yet. They just need to use every tool available to encourage shoppers to opt for in-store purchases.

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Selecting the Right Kiosk Hardware

August 19, 2014 | Posted by April Rios

The use of kiosks has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. The increase has been driven in part by declining costs, but more and more companies are recognizing the potential kiosks have for enhancing customer experience and increasing sales. Kiosks offer a variety of ways to improve your business, such as dispensing products, delivering a marketing campaign or facilitating online shopping. However, delivering the best experience for the user depends on selecting the proper hardware. There is no need to buy the most expensive of each item, but it is important to choose the ones that will make the best combination for your needs.

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Designing for Phablets

July 28, 2014 | Posted by Adam Graham

It seems that every time web developers become proficient at creating sites that will render correctly on any device, the industry releases yet another type of device that requires changing design strategies. Such is the case with the phablet. (For the uninitiated, a phablet is a device that combines the features of a smartphone with a tablet, and is between the two devices in terms of overall size and screen size.)

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Use Images to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

June 4, 2014 | Posted by Adam Graham

Ad men have known the effectiveness of images since at least the 1920s. Modern society is highly oriented to receiving information through visual images, such as watching a television newscast rather than reading a lengthy story in the newspaper. Pictures tell stories -- quickly and succinctly, but with all the nuances that might be difficult to convey through the written word alone. Today's consumers are subjected to a constant barrage of marketing spanning all forms of media from online social sites to local signage. With so many different companies and organizations clamoring for attention, it is critical that you have a marketing content management system that allows you to harness the power of images effectively.

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