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However You Slice It, Domino's Pizza Ordering App is a Cut Above

March 10, 2015 | Posted by April Rios
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After the pizza giant’s recipe re-launch in 2009 introduced the world to a "better, more flavorful" pizza, the Domino’s Pizza franchise began enjoying a steady rise to the top of the pizza heap. This came about after customer service surveys repeatedly praised Domino’s for their speed and efficiency -- just not their pizza. The franchise is now enjoying having all three to customer satisfaction, but only because they have made sure to continue offering top-notch service. To make sure their speed and efficiency ratings stayed high, Domino’s embraced the  opportunities offered by new technology to get their pizzas to hungry customers faster and better: the Domino’s Pizza ordering app.
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What Oracle's New Cloud-Based Mobile Application Development Tools Mean for Your Business

November 24, 2014 | Posted by April Rios

Oracle recently previewed its Mobile Application Framework (MAF) and Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX), which are cloud-based products designed to facilitate cross-platform mobile application development. You may be thinking, "So, the IT guys have some new toys to play with." If so, you are missing a critical part of MAF and MAX: They are designed for use by "citizen developers" as well as professionals. This means that business users with only rudimentary skills can leverage these tools. Keep reading to learn what this can mean to your enterprise.

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Wearable Tech for Mobile Marketing: Sci-fi or Future Science?

November 3, 2014 | Posted by Adam Graham

Marketing professionals know all too well that competition has become increasingly stiff over the past decade or two. This is especially true online -- the Internet has served to help "level the playing field," and even small enterprises can use technology to empower their marketing. In an attempt to not be left behind, companies feel pressured to make sure that their marketing efforts immediately include every new technology that appears. Although this is typically the wisest strategy, sometimes technology outpaces purpose.

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5 Mobile Marketing Strategies to Help You Understand What Customers Want

October 23, 2014 | Posted by Adam Graham

Mobile marketing stopped being optional a long time ago, at least for companies that want to increase their sales and provide customers with an omni-channel buying experience. As a result, mobile marketing has become more proactive about targeting customers -- sometimes a bit too aggressively. There is a fine line between communicating with customers and annoying them, and while endeavoring to learn just what their customers want, some companies have crossed that line.

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