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Are You Triggering Right Emotions in Your Buyers?

May 3, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Very few purchases are made based entirely on logic. For example, when it comes to where you live, real estate agents know homebuyers have an immediate emotional reaction to a home. If this reaction is negative, the shopper will be less receptive to the intrinsic value: the convenient location, the unique features of the home, or the potential for the home with a few improvements. Sales of vehicles are similar: salespeople look for physical evidence of a shopper's emotional reaction to a vehicle such as facial features relaxing or a bit of a "twinkle" in the shopper’s eyes. Even shoppers who take great pride in ferreting out bargains on mundane purchases can be influenced by their emotions. A shopper may carefully compare the prices and quantities on every brand of green beans to determine the best value — and then not choose the brand with the lowest price because the shopper heard an unflattering story about the company.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Digital Personalization

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