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Big Data: Your Key to True Customer Engagement

June 9, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

In recent years, marketers have discovered the benefits of providing compelling experiences to engage customers. To accomplish their goals, an increasing number of marketing professionals are embracing big data to help them improve customer satisfaction and increase market shares through superior customer engagement strategies. The proliferation of big data has enabled marketers to gain insights into why customers behave as they do — whether the behavior is positive or negative.

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Give a Boost to Your Sales with MS Dynamics 365

May 24, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company. Sales personnel are the ones who have the most opportunities to interact directly with customers, build solid relationships and present the right image of your mission and values. Given their importance, it only makes sense to ensure that they have the tools needed to convert leads into sales and customers into brand advocates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help your team be more productive and achieve the company's goals.

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2017: Battle of the Bots

May 16, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

If there is one thing that you can count on in the tech world, it is that everything will change. A year or two ago, it was all about the apps. While it is true that apps are still important for engaging customers, increasing employee productivity and marketing your brand, bots appear to be poised to become a true game-changer. 

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How to Bring Customer-Centric Theory to Life

April 20, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

In most businesses, the sales and marketing teams share the credit when profits increase and the blame when profits decrease. In the day to day we’re busy with awesome digital strategies, operations, and getting our message out there so we stay on the good side. Oftentimes though, the view of the customer becomes lost, something that can quickly break your business.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Delivering Personalized Experiences

February 27, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

The concept of retail personalization has been around for several years. A decade ago, Netflix and Amazon led the industry when it came to personalized experiences for their visitors. Netflix made recommendations based on the visitor's past history or stated preferences — a practice that continues today but was unexpected when it first launched. Amazon was especially adept at using visitors' previous purchases or navigation paths to show items of potential interest to each specific visitor. Other early attempts at personalization included greeting returning visitors by name, enabling site-specific preferences or using different versions of a site for specific audiences.

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Engaging Your Millennial Customers The Right Way

February 2, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Millennials, also known as Generation Y or Echo Boomers, have been a hot topic in recent years. Why?

  • Millennials will comprise 75 percent of the world's workforce by 2030.
  • Millennials comprise 26 percent of the American population and account for approximately $600 billion in spending nationally and an estimated $1.3 trillion globally.
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Amazon Go, McDonald's and KFC: Science Fiction Writers Predicted the Future of Customer Engagement Decades Ago

January 22, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

As any fan of sci-fi knows, the writers from the 1930s and 1940s often came surprisingly close to modern reality. They discussed a future in which robots replaced human labor, computers could learn and mobile devices could track the user's financial data. They wrote about customer interfaces that required no human interaction, a society that did not rely on physical currency and a world in which information could be accessed with a few keystrokes.

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Data Driven Experiential Marketing Leads to Customer Advocacy

June 22, 2016 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Consumers are subjected to a steady barrage of marketing messages every day. Whenever they perform an online search, visit their social page, read a magazine, drive to work or watch a television program, they are exposed to advertisements competing for their attention.

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3 One-on-One Marketing Technology Features that Boost Customer Engagement

February 19, 2016 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Relationships are at the heart of marketing in 2016. Ads need to be personalized if they are to be effective. The general consensus among leaders in the marketing world is that personalization is the true future of marketing. Appearing authentic and approachable can be difficult for both big corporations and small brands. If you’re a marketer, how you reach out to the world to spread your message is every bit as important as the message itself is. The good news is that today’s technology can help you make every customer feel like you’re investing time and money into giving them a satisfying, customized experience. Whether your customers want questions answered or they need help finding products that fit their needs, you can use technology to give them what they want without assigning a team of employees to cater to them. One-on-one marketing is a beautiful thing because it creates the illusion of personal service without the costs and time commitments associated with actually creating that level of service. Are you wondering how to make your business more personal? Here’s a look at the top three ways to boost customer engagement. 

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Consumers Consider Brand Relationships a Personal Matter

January 15, 2016 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Once, the relationship between consumers and a brand was strictly business. Consumers viewed brand relationships in a totally different way than they viewed their relationships with friends, family, co-workers and other acquaintances.

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