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Digital Disruption from EX²

Chrome Web Application vs Windows 8 Application: Make the Best Choice

By Adam Graham

Current technology offers many tools that can empower your marketing department. However, as the industry is advancing at a break-neck pace, it is not always easy to decide on specifics. For example, you are probably aware that custom apps can benefit your business, but you might be struggling to decide whether your new application should be a Windows 8 or Chrome app. Here are some points to consider about each of these web solutions.

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Topics: Custom Development

How a Custom Web Application can Benefit Your Business

By April Rios

In the early days of the Internet, merely having a basic web page was often considered as having an online presence. Typically, such pages offered little more than the company's phone number or address, a short blurb on the products or services offered, business hours and perhaps driving directions. Although few businesses today would consider such a rudimentary website as sufficient, many companies still have not harnessed all of the power available to them through the Internet. 

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Topics: Custom Development

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