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10 Considerations for Customer-Centric Kiosk Design

January 30, 2018 | Posted by Manish Gupta

Interactive Kiosks have become ubiquitous in all aspects of society and in all locations. Today, every sector leverages their many long-term ROI opportunities and flexibility to adjust to changing consumer and end-user needs.

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How Context Marketing Has Helped Amazon Succeed

January 12, 2018 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Legacy marketing tactics that require interrupting and refocusing the consumer have been supplanted by context marketing. In the digital age, it is the context of interactions that determines how people respond to your actual product and your marketing message. Context marketing is founded on trust building while being non-intrusive in ways that engage customers on their own terms.

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Topics: Content Vs. Context, Digital Marketing

How Machine Learning Can Deliver Contextual Insights for Effective Brand Experiences

January 10, 2018 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

While terms like “digital transformation” are firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist of the marketing world, its true expression as a means of taking prospects further down the sales funnel from awareness to consideration is far more nebulous. The ability for marketers to gather and use data to create meaningful, personalized brand experiences has traditionally been at the expense of context.

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Topics: Best Practices for User Experience, Content Vs. Context, Machine Learning

AI Is Not a Threat, But a Boon for Marketers

January 3, 2018 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

In a survey conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Q2 2017, 47 percent of IT executives said their enterprise is using or pursuing some form of artificial intelligence. But the promise and potential of AI is overshadowed by a misplaced belief that it represents a threat to marketers.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence

10 Things Marketers Should Know when Debating Contextual Targeting vs. Audience Targeting

December 26, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

In some marketing circles, audience targeting has emerged as the successor to the dominance of keywords in marketing. The basic premise behind audience targeting is matching consumers with advertisements based on demographics, interests and behavioral data. While audience targeting still holds a prominent place, it is now rivaled or surpassed by contextual targeting as the new cornerstone of marketing, but that depends on who you ask.

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Topics: Digital Marketing

How Dynamic is Your Customer Service? Microsoft’s AI Technology is Here to Help

December 5, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming customer service across industries. Thirty-eight percent of enterprises currently use AI in some form, and use is expected to grow to 62 percent by 2020. In response, Microsoft has integrated machine learning and intelligent data analysis into their Dynamics 365 platform. These powerful tools are designed to revolutionize the way your customer service representatives connect with and serve your target audience.

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Topics: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

From Digital Transformation to Continuous Transformation

November 7, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

During the last 10 years, much has been written about digital enterprises, digital strategies and digital technologies. One term that is frequently used — digital transformation — is actually a bit of a misnomer. The term implies that a digital transformation has an ending point, but in reality, it is a never-ending journey.

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Topics: Digital Transformation

Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn Recruiter

November 3, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

The topic of digital transformation has been very much in the news recently. During the past year, a great deal of the attention has been focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the various ways that it can help drive transformations and empower digital enterprises. Microsoft continues to enhance Dynamics 365 to make it even more powerful, and the Dynamics 365 for Talent is just one example of Microsoft's vision to deliver innovative, useful products. Because Dynamics 365 for Talent is relatively new, it might be helpful to review how an organization named Chemonics is using this product for finding and developing talent.

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Topics: Digital Transformation

The Role of Dynamics 365 in Digital Transformation

October 31, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

It is no secret that an increasing number of businesses are taking steps to become a digital enterprise. Customers are expecting more than ever and demanding to be meaningfully engaged across channels. Fierce competition means that organizations are looking for ways to increase sales and turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Businesses are trying to enhance productivity and operate more efficiently. To complicate matters, the line between the digital and physical worlds keeps shifting and becoming increasingly blurred. Customers interact with businesses across both worlds, and employees need the ability to do the same. However, although most companies recognize the need for a digital transformation, many of them are not certain of the tools that they need. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide the tools that you need to make substantial progress on your transformation journey.

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Topics: Digital Transformation

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