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Benefits of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Integration for Sales and Human Resources

June 1, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester

When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, industry insiders immediately began to speculate on potential integrations. Although it is likely that Microsoft had performed a great deal of strategic planning prior to spending more than $26 billion for the acquisition, the company initially had little to say on how — or even if — LinkedIn would be integrated with existing products. Microsoft finally broke its silence in April 2017, announcing tools for sales and human resources that involved the integration of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn.

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Give a Boost to Your Sales with MS Dynamics 365

May 24, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company. Sales personnel are the ones who have the most opportunities to interact directly with customers, build solid relationships and present the right image of your mission and values. Given their importance, it only makes sense to ensure that they have the tools needed to convert leads into sales and customers into brand advocates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help your team be more productive and achieve the company's goals.

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How Microsoft Is Evolving the Sales Process with Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Integration

May 19, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester

Microsoft's history has shown that the company never does anything without a clearly defined purpose. This is not to say that the company always achieves its purpose; Microsoft has had its share of failures. However, you can bet that before Microsoft shelled out more than $26 billion to acquire LinkedIn, it had already planned a way to profit from the investment. 

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2017: Battle of the Bots

May 16, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

If there is one thing that you can count on in the tech world, it is that everything will change. A year or two ago, it was all about the apps. While it is true that apps are still important for engaging customers, increasing employee productivity and marketing your brand, bots appear to be poised to become a true game-changer. 

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Are You Triggering Right Emotions in Your Buyers?

May 3, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

Very few purchases are made based entirely on logic. For example, when it comes to where you live, real estate agents know homebuyers have an immediate emotional reaction to a home. If this reaction is negative, the shopper will be less receptive to the intrinsic value: the convenient location, the unique features of the home, or the potential for the home with a few improvements. Sales of vehicles are similar: salespeople look for physical evidence of a shopper's emotional reaction to a vehicle such as facial features relaxing or a bit of a "twinkle" in the shopper’s eyes. Even shoppers who take great pride in ferreting out bargains on mundane purchases can be influenced by their emotions. A shopper may carefully compare the prices and quantities on every brand of green beans to determine the best value — and then not choose the brand with the lowest price because the shopper heard an unflattering story about the company.

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How to Bring Customer-Centric Theory to Life

April 20, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

In most businesses, the sales and marketing teams share the credit when profits increase and the blame when profits decrease. In the day to day we’re busy with awesome digital strategies, operations, and getting our message out there so we stay on the good side. Oftentimes though, the view of the customer becomes lost, something that can quickly break your business.

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MS Dynamics 365 for Sales: Convert Leads Into Relationships

April 14, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester


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The Future of Marketing with Dynamics 365

April 11, 2017 | Posted by Doug Sylvester

When Microsoft Dynamics 365 was released, there was a great deal of attention given to many of the new features. However, not a much focus was on how the new release could benefit marketers. Fortunately Microsoft has incorporated several features that can add a great deal of value to your intelligent campaigns.

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7 SiteCore Hacks You Must Know

March 23, 2017 | Posted by Lisa Carolan

It is very common to get so caught up in preparing and implementing a new solution that the finer details of using the solution are overlooked. Within two or three months, however, the initial excitement has given way to in-depth, hands-on work. It is at that point that many users discover that they need to know more about how to optimize the new technology for their own jobs. If you are looking for ways to get the most out of Sitecore, these hacks may help.

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